"To start the procedure on-site in the visas office in Bogota, it is a prerequisite to fill out the online  visa application form and attach the photo and documents before going to the office."

This in order to minimize the waiting times for users in the office. Only in cases of minors, it is allowed for parents to start the Visa application request for their children without going to the Visa office.

It is discretionary power of the national government, founded on the principle of state sovereignty, to authorize the entry, stay and departure of foreigners from the country. Without prejudice to the provisions of international treaties, the entry, stay and departure of aliens from the national territory shall be governed by the provisions of Decree 1067 of 2015.

The Visa is the authorization granted to an alien to enter into the national territory. It is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The stay is the time during which the alien may be in the country.
It will be valid between the grant date and the end date indicated on the label of the visa.
The requirements for issuing visas shall be established by ministerial resolution.

Start your visa application from your home or office

Remember that now you can do your online visa application through the following link Visa Application.


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